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Player: Ale
Age: 20
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Characters Name: Kululu
Age: 24
Canon: Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog)
Canon Point: After chapter 164
Species: Keronian*
Gender: Male
Orientation: Considering his lewd advances towards human females and few towards the other gender, it can be assumed that he is predominately heterosexual.

Wikipedia wiki and Keroro wiki! Though it should be kept in mind that majority of this focuses on the anime, whereas I would prefer to take him from the manga adaptation. Since this may not be sufficient, here's some further background, mostly in the form of the given events before his official character introduction:

While it remains unshown, Garuru remarks that Kululu ascended through the ranks with "unprecedented" speed to sergeant major. However, his apparent compulsion to manipulate military information and tendency toward scandal has him demoted to serving as a mere corporal. Thus, his title of "sergeant major" is just that: only in name. Otherwise, he would rank above his current commanding officer. It isn't noted exactly when his demotion(s) occur, but it can be assumed this was most likely before the following events:

Prior to the departure of Keroro's platoon, the members were required to participate in the honorary send-off games. Apparently this is tradition in which keronians play a popular game of the planet they are to invade. The keroro platoon versed the Keron Select Forces team. Really, the only notable event of this game (in regards to Kululu's part in it) is the fact that he apparently can't kick a ball straight; the unpredictability of its trajectory actually leading to a point scored. Despite this, the platoon loses (and it's something of a omen of their mission to come).

On the same day that the Hinata family has its first encounter with extraterrestrial life (read: THANKS A LOT KERORO), Kululu would meet Mutsumi. He receives a message from headquarters that their mission had been compromised due to the troop's commanding officer having engaged in prolonged contact with humans, thus potentially jeopardizing the secrecy of the mission. The invasion is to be put on suspension with the remaining soldiers to evacuate immediately. Needless to say, Kululu decides otherwise. He emerges from the temporary base he'd been taking refuge in while awaiting further orders (a sewage infrastructure— classy!) and decides to spearhead the mission himself. His comrades have been deemed completely unnecessary to this mission's success.

It's then that he comes across the school Mutsumi attends, of which he decides would make an excellent headquarters. The students will be modified to become his first legion of soldiers. He's taken aback (to say the least) when one of the students is able to see through his cloaking device (as only those with an INTENSE curiosity, prior familiarity with alien life, or of an animalistic nature are able to do so). Mutsumi will not go quietly, and the two do battle. While Kululu has the clear advantage throughout their fighting (which results in most of the school trashed, mostly thanks to Kululu), he comes to admire Mutsumi's cunning and gumption. He decides against disposing of him, deeming him an 'interesting character' and evidently worthwhile of his time. The school administrator threatens Mutsumi's expulsion and Kululu, consequently, erases the administrator's memory of the incident, thus further sparing Mutsumi. In return, Kululu requires his cooperation, and the two form a human-alien alliance.

It's through Mutsumi that he's able to regroup with the fleet.

Appearance: Keronian! Human and he'd probably look something like this.

With Kululu, what you see is what you get. He makes absolutely zero effort to conceal just how awful he can be. Even Mutsumi, easily his best friend, agrees that he even looks like a nasty piece of work. And it's true; the guy has little time nor desire for feigning niceties (you know, only if it benefits him in that moment— but more often than not, he'd much prefer some convoluted scheming) and pretty much relishes in others' misery. The constant shit-eating grin can attribute to this. If one thinks he's up to no good, that's because he is. Bonus if he can get money for it, as he tries to wring a few dimes out of just about everyone he comes across and for everything he does. He readily admits it: "Where there's trouble, you'll find me."

As one might surmise from this, Kululu is proud of being a jerk. He wears the identity proudly. It's not as if he's socially incompetent — to the contrary, in fact; he knows the ins and outs of what's considered 'acceptable' and what to likewise expect of people — but that he couldn't care less. Those who don't are, quite frankly, embarrassing and worthy of mockery. He'd be more miffed if someone didn't think he was absolute jerk— it means he hasn't been successful in getting across the image he wants (that, or they're a complete moron, which is just as feasible). Providing unwanted criticism is one of his favorite hobbies. Of course, if absolutely necessary, he'll play nice to get what he wants to... but he can only take so much of that requirement.

While Kululu manages to keep his cool 99% of the time through an excessively laid-back manner that borders on lazy, there are a few things that irritate him. Majority of which, unsurprisingly, stem from his pride. It's serious insults to his intelligence, usefulness, and adaptability that manage to ruffle him. Take when Keroro threatens to discharge him due to his repeated and intensifying offenses against his fellow platoon members. Being thought of as expendable to the mission's success is both unthinkable and hilarious. While not outwardly pissed, it shows through his consequent actions against the team. Needless to say, Keroro ends up... well, not following through with that particular promise.

With arrogance bleeding into every facet of what he does, it's only inflated by the fact that he tends to devalue everything around him. He knows what he's good at, he knows he's a genius, and he doesn't hesitate to let people know this. After all, the sentiment isn't unsound. But as with such a sound understanding of his strengths would imply, he knows what isn't. The sergeant major isn't adverse to openly conceding that he's not the athletic type (though this should be glaringly obvious to anyone who has the misfortune to meet him), that some inventions have their flaws, and that he's all but useless on the battlefield. But not even his cohorts are exempt from his ridicule and condescension; in fact, they may be especially prone to it if only due to their proximity. By his standards, they're incompetent: the only reasons he sticks around are because 1) this is the mission, he plans on going through with it, and 2) they're entertaining.

If they were boring, Kululu would have ditched them long ago, as he does with things thought to be uninteresting. This includes hanging-up on people, falling asleep at particularly dull meetings, and halting world-domination schemes completely if they lack flair to them. He likes to pull off the 'cool and aloof' style, while still retaining some glaringly high-standards. The guy needs a certain entertainment value in just about everything, whether this be crazy inventions that result in convoluted scenarios, amusement at a coworker's expense (remember: tears are still delicious and misery an absolute riot), or mindless TV shows. More than anything, Kululu hates being bored.

As such, he manages to keep himself constantly busy. 'Busy', of course, being subjective. He's definitely always working on something— just things that may not be entirely productive to anyone but himself. Keeping himself busy includes anything from creating massive gundams in preparation for the pokopenian invasion, listening to corny romantic hits, or to spying on girls in the shower. Yes, if his personality wasn't off-putting enough by this point, he's a gross pervert on top of it all. Some of his more explicit endeavors include: creation of mind-controlled french maids that do whatever he pleases, pornography catered to specific alien fetishes, and infamy for popularizing life-size female dolls (yes, those kind of dolls) through-out the galaxy. And that's just to name a few of the tamer exploits. Regardless, it's still pretty much downright creepy, let's be real here. Sex sells, and he exploits that fact while enjoying it. If people didn't avoid him before, add lechery to that list and you've got yourself a bona-fide loner.

Not to say he's entirely a bad guy, however difficult it can be to discern his more favorable qualities from his overbearing reputation. That is, if these so-and-so traits can even be called that. When he puts his mind to do something, it isn't half-assed. If someone pays for a product from him, the product will be quality (though may or may not include extra, covert features to mess with the consumer). He hates to see innocent girls cry, and will generally curb the insults to avoid this. While still seeing the flaws in something more keenly, he recognizes the value of most anything, and isn't completely incapable of admitting to these instances on occasion. Good work is worthy of praise, after all, just as his is.

As Keroro once told him (much to his discomfort): he always comes through, even when there seems to be no hope. When Fuyuki asks him to keep someone safe for him, he does so, with the excuse that the human had overpaid for something else previously. Frequently, he's the one the humans come to should the earth truly be in danger. While, yes, it's a mixture of not wanting the shit kicked out of him by Natsumi and disliking the idea of the invasion mission failing completely on account of Earth's obliteration, the fact stands. Despite his attitude, he does what he can. Destruction just isn't his style, no matter who's going through with it. In fact, he's almost pained when he does see things needlessly destroyed: everything has potential. And though he'd be reluctant to admit it, he's gotten attached to some of his accomplices and isn't quite eager to see them off yet. It's a tough sort-of love, honestly.

Despite their size, keronians maintain similar physical abilities to humans. That is, they're both capable of similar strengths and speeds. But appearances obviously barred, keronians still have a variety of traits that distinguish them from humans. Firstly and most obviously, they're amphibians. It doesn't get much more fundamental than that. And still, they're different from amphibians in that they're aliens! Their skin is less-permeable and much more resilient, they're able to breathe underwater through gills which they retain from their tadpole stage, and will not last a single day without liquid sustenance. Majority of their physical prowess, or corresponding lack thereof, lies in the humidity. Despite the lower humidity of Earth's climate in contrast to Keron, they manage to function perfectly well with little complaint. Should it approach Keron's levels, they're rejuvenated and become even more gung-ho for battle. Surpass it, and they can become... unhinged with physical power. But then too dry and everything's awful.

Some keronians can use chi for super-saiyan like attacks (for lack of a better description. kululu is not one of these keronians anyway!), able to form their energy into direct and devastating attacks. Their singing voices are apparently lovely, and they're able to 'resonate' with them: that is, clean/purify/return things to their original state. Not much is gone into with this, and majority of the platoon members had been unaware they could even do this sort of thing. Rest-assured, purification isn't high on Kululu's list of things to do anyway.

But as he'll be a human in Hollyheights, most abilities unique to keronians can be considered null. Other than that, Kululu is your typical genius mastermind with an IQ that shouldn't be possible. He can pretty much invent anything should he expend bit of effort. On a more serious note, in the words of Kero-bot: "... and so a technician must be valued, and needs to have three or four tricks up his sleeve at all times. That is your gift, Major Sergeant Kululu!" To which, of course, he readily agrees. Science shit (once he had to recode the entirety of the Earth's DNA in order to save it, I can't even), mad hacking skillz (always ends with a... "you can't use this system against me, because I INVENTED IT!!" dealio), and biological(/psychological) warfare etcetc, are his bitches. His various misdeeds are too ridiculous to even mention. If it's logic or illogic, he's got it.

Also, he's an excellent chef that enjoys DJing in his spare time.

Other: His handwriting is shit.

First Person: Dear_mun thread here.

Third Person: Some kind of simulation, surely. A test from headquarters. Or perhaps the higher-ups decided to show the F-class platoon a little mercy, granting them all ahotron suits in the process—

Nah. He'd been following their progress closely enough; there was no way, no way. He casts his gaze left and right, up and down the street. No explosions: might be a good sign, might mean they've all failed. Idiots. Well, he was a fish out of water here, assuming this was where the final battle was to take place and he was without anything of use. The electronic in his right hand is completely ancient, nigh incapable of proper functionality without further modification. Networks impenetrable. Tracking device already disabled: none of the platoon had shown up on its radar. All signs pointing to the notion that he, the decorated Unit Strategy and Communications officer that continually scored triple-digits in evaluation reports, had been captured. Outrageous. God, his throat feels dry.

A sigh and he lets his head drop back. He'll lay there for a good ten minutes, soaking in the sun. A fly lands on his glasses; excellent. See, a misting fan and a few babes to wait on him in the meanwhile wouldn't be entirely unwelcome. It reminds him that the high life is always just within an arm's reach away: a shame for their pathetic excuse of a budget and y'know, those martial laws. Ah, those pesky martial laws. It's finally when the bug has the gall to crawl into his line of sight that he swings his legs over the edge of the recliner and sits up properly. He'd wandered over to the door once, the prospect of doing it a second time made him want to do so even less. But damnit, he might have to actually do something about this.

So, first thing's first, baby steps: a base for the new and improved headquarters. Yes, he supposes, the assigned 'home' could do until adequate expansions could be procured. The invasion was about to get underway, with or without a bang.

Housing Request?: None.
Did you read the rules and FAQ?: Sure did!
Would you like your application to be unscreened?: Screened, please.


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